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Sumeet MinhasFounder, Editor

Sumeet is the Founder & Chief Editor of our team. His core specialty is developmental editing, copy-editing, and writing of non-fiction books and articles, novels, and short stories. He also specializes in writing and editing university applications for MBA, Law, Graduate, PhD, and Undergraduate programs in USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and South-East Asia. An explorer and mountaineer, he has a formidable reputation for being an extremely incisive, insightful, and inspiring mentor.

Sophia BrooksEditor

Sophia specializes in writing and editing novels, short stories, non-fiction books and articles with special interest in personal development, history, leadership, motivation, spiritual development, crime, psychology, technology and society. She also specializes in professional and academic documents and is known for being sharp-eyed, disciplined, and extremely adept at enhancing an author’s natural “voice.” Exceptionally well-read and capable of bringing together insights from a wide range of disciplines, she understands perfectly the pain of bringing one’s words to life. She is also an experienced mountaineer and cave explorer and travels year-round to remote locations privy only to her.

Grace AllenEditor

Grace has worked as a freelance editor for a decade, mostly catering to academic documents, while running her own rock climbing & mountaineering company, whenever she could find the time. Motivated by great feedback on her dedication and precision, she expanded her portfolio to technical documents and then to nonfiction titles, mostly shorts. She is extremely interested in all genres of nonfiction and is a keen student of the psychology of writing itself. She is quite the semi-polymath who can bring together varied perspectives to help aspiring authors find theirs. Grace matches her love of focus and precision while editing with that of climbing through her philosophy that “…the only thing that matters is what’s there in front of you. The rest just fades away into nothing. What comes out of it is truly beautiful, whether it’s on a page or on a rocky ridge.”


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