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Fiction Editing Services


At Prosevue, we provide our premium-quality fiction editing services to aspiring novelists and short-story writers, offering them the key catalyst they need to develop and polish their manuscripts and eventually enthrall their target readers with their stories.


Editor’s Review

Looking for professional feedback and advisory on how to improve your manuscript? We will review the strengths and weaknesses of your narrative, style, and character development (among other things) and provide a thorough written assessment.




Ready for publishing but want to be proofread for mistakes and errors? We will proofread your manuscript with a fine comb to give you the final ‘OK’ on your material.




Have an unpolished, error-filled manuscript? Through copy-editing, we’ll ensure that your work is free of any such problems.



Developmental Editing

Do you want not only thorough grammatical editing but also developmental work on your manuscript? We will help you with advanced elements such as organization, voice, tone, style, format, consistency, overall level of writing, and flow.





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